Thursday, August 25, 2016

Unique problems of a start-up

Well recently I took the plunge and started my own tech start-up after years of thinking about it. So I have been battling the usual things that many start-ups face I guess.

Of great help are inspirational talks such as these.

First is the talk by creator of Ruby on Rails - David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08 where he talks about how to create a successful start-up.

Next is this talk by Walter Bright where he talks about how he started the programming language D, and he describes the way he works.

My journey has only just started. I would love to discuss some of the issues that start-ups face and how I am trying to solve the ones I face.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I love the new Microsoft!

I have always been a Java person ... until now. With the new cross platform open source CLR (.Net) platform from Microsoft, I am doing exciting new work in C#!

I also love the Linux subsystem on Windows 10 - which I installed today. I was able to build my Lua derived scripting language Ravi using Linux tools right within Windows. I did not enable LLVM but that is next on my list to try. If this really works, then I can decommission my Linux Virtual Machine.

I also love that Microsoft's made the Visual Studio Community edition free - and this is the full version and not a cut-down version. And the new Visual Studio Code editor is great - checkout my Lua/Ravi 5.3 debugger extension for it!

All in all - great stuff, Microsoft!