Thursday, December 22, 2016

SimpleDBM - a NoSQL Transactional DB in Java

The goal of the SimpleDBM project was to primarily teach myself how DBMSes work. In that goal it succeeded I think, and it also was great fun researching all the computer science literature on database technology and applying the techniques invented by great pioneers in this area.

I highlighted some of the sources I used in the implementation of SimpleDBM in this blog post.

Unfortunately due to lack of time I have not been able to devote much time to SimpleDBM in the past few years. So new features are not being implemented, the project is in maintenance mode; that is, I will fix bugs reported.

It is not possible to know if anyone is using SimpleDBM or not. I have not used it in anger in a Production environment so in that sense it is not Production software. However, I think its main value today is pedagogical in that it can be used to understand and learn the traditional techniques used to implement database engines. The implementation is much better documented than any other opensource DBMS I have come across. This is partly because I once thought of writing a book on how to implement a DBMS.

The implementation handles some of the hard problems, such as transactions, write ahead logging, concurrent and recoverable BTREE operations, deadlock detection, etc.

The project is now hosted on GitHub.  For anyone just wanting to use it Maven packages are available.

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