Wednesday, December 07, 2016

What's great about Lua?

Lua is an amazing programming language implementation. I say implementation because it is not just the language itself but how it is implemented that is particularly impressive.

As a programming language, Lua can be characterised as a small but powerful language. The power comes from clever use of a few core meta-mechanisms as Lua authors like to put it. A nice introduction to some of these are in the recent talk by Roberto Lerusalimschy at the Lua Workshop 2016.

I used to think that Lua is a simple language; but appearances are deceptive. I now think of Lua as 'small' and 'powerful' language rather than a 'simple' language.

The language design is clever, but the implementation is what makes it great.

Firstly it is a very compact implementation, just a few C source files, and that's it. No dependencies other than an ANSI C compiler.

Secondly, despite the compact implementation, it features:

  • A byte-code compiler and Virtual Machine.
  • An incremental garbage collector.
  • Extremely fast parser and code generator.
  • And the language is delivered as a library with an extremely well designed C API, that makes it easy to embed Lua as well as extend it.
It is this combination of economical design and beautiful implementation that makes Lua great.

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